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PREORDER ends August 25th. Prints will begin shipping in late fall/early winter.

At Ecovative, just like the uniqueness of the materials and goods we manufacture, we strive to deliver unique and sustainable EcoGear product options to our supporters. Our latest release, now available for preorder, are exclusive prints in collaboration with Oregon-based artist Chris Adams, also known as Corvidopolis, 

In partnership with Corvidopolis, we have created four exclusive prints that showcase our love of  Buckminster Fuller and the mushroom scientific illustrations Chris is known for. Focused on geometry within nature, the prints highlight the birch polypore, the netted stinkhorn, morel, and the amanita in Chris’ signature style. 

In addition to our partnership with Chris, we have decided to make the prints even more unique by partnering with Dolphin Studio, a three generation print studio operating since 1970. The prints will be silkscreen printed at the family owned and operated print house local to us in the Berkshires. You can read more about their history here.

Staying dedicated to our love of spaceship Earth, prints will be printed using non-toxic ink, on 100% recycled, non-archival paper, and packaged in plastic-free packaging. Prints do not include frames and the in room picture is for illustration purposes only.