Ecovative’s 2022 Mushroom Gift Guide

When you work at Ecovative your friends and family can’t stop gifting you mushroom related presents! As the experts in mycelium materials and mushroom swag we compiled a list of our favorite mushroom giftables this holiday season - a little bit of everything for your favorite fungi fanatic! Be sure to order your Grow It Yourself™ Holiday Bundles by December 12th for delivery by Christmas!

mushroom candle morel candle pet bandana

Image above, clockwise from left: Morel Mushroom Beeswax Candle $10 at Etsy, Magical Night Mushroom Pet Bandana $6 at Etsy (perfect for your furry friend!), Mushroom Sticker Pack of 5 $6.17 at Etsy, Mini Mushroom Terrariums $8.50 at Etsy.


mushroom decor

Image above, clockwise from top left: “There is so mush-room in this bag” Oyster Jumbo Tote $20 at Ecovative (it really does have SO MUSH-ROOM!), Mushroom Print $25 by Caroline Clark, Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake $12.99 at Amazon, Crochet Custom Mushroom Plush $25 at Etsy, Signature CBD Bath Bombs $11.20 (*bonus* the bathbomb is protected with Mushroom® Packaging and will help reduce the amount of plastic waste accumulated during the holiday season) Mushroom Woodland Felt Ornament $19.99 at The National Wildlife Federation, Mushroom Glass Bud Vases $24.64 at Etsy, Spore Prints of North America Print $20 at Etsy, and in the center Ceramic Mushroom Jewelry Dish $22.50 at Etsy. 

Extra Special Fungi Feature

mushroom foraging cookbook for kids

Mason Goes Mushrooming is an educational children’s book that takes you through a playful, fungi-finding adventure. Beyond Mason’s adventure, this book includes four kid-friendly forest-to-frying pan recipes and a short identification guide is provided for newbie foragers. Amount: $17.95

*Highly recommended by Eugenia Bone, author of Mycophilia and the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook

watercolor mushroom print towel

This Mushroom Tea Towel covered in watercolor fungi prints is a perfect holiday gift for any mushroom lover. Plus, you can never have too many tea towels!

fungi clothing mushroom decor

Image above, clockwise from top left: Mushroom Floating Shelf $45 at Etsy, Grow It Yourself™ Kit $34.99 at (this all-in-one GIY Kit is perfect gift for all ages and allows you to grow mycelium at home), Chanterelle Ring $32 at Etsy, Foraging Knife $32 by Opinel, Metal Mushroom Garland $38 at Fair Trade Winds, Born To Rot T-Shirt $30 by Corvidopolis, and in the center MUD/WTR Morning Ritual Starter Kit $40 at MUDWTR.

Ecovative x Melany Kahn Kits

In partnership with Melany Kahn, experienced mushroom forager who has spent the last 2 decades teaching children how to forage wild mushrooms, we have created two fungi-filled kits perfect for all ages.

mushroom book towel bag and brush

The Into The Woods Kit includes a signed copy of Mason Goes Mushrooming, foraging bag, watercolor tea towel and Brushroom, a hand-carved wooden handle and natural hair bristle. Amount: $45.99

mushroom book, mycelium materials and towel
 The Mycelium City Kit includes a signed copy of Mason Goes Mushrooming, watercolor mushroom tea towel, and a bag Grow It Yourself dehydrated material. Amount: $45.99 


fungi home decor and books

Image above, clockwise from top left: Mushroom Punch Needle Kit $52.99 at Etsy, Radical Mycology by Peter McCoy $69.95 at Etsy, Handmade Wooden Mushroom Sculpture $65.90 at Etsy, Morel Mushroom Night Light $62.89 at Etsy.


mushroom print gifts

Image above, clockwise from top left: Shrooms Packable Camp Chair $85 at Parks Project (*bonus* a portion of purchase proceeds go to National Parks Foundation or various other conservancy projects) So Mushroom To Cuddle Fungi Woven Blanket $99 at Etsy (with an option to customize), Fantastic Fungi Fall Forager Box $98.99 at Fantastic Fungi, Mushroom Stained Glass (Size Large) $99.99 at Etsy.

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